VirtualBox Installation Issue – Code Signer

While installing virtualbox, I ran into this issue Net: the Oracle/VirtualBox ID is NOT in the approved keys/certs. I did not follow the exact steps. Launch Terminal sudo -s Enter password for the user to switch spctl kext-consent –disable Install VirtualBox spctl kext-consent –enable At the end of the steps, I was able to […]

License Management via Maven Plugin

Keeping a license current is luckily addressed by the mycila license maven plugin. This plugin scans the project files in src files and updates the files with the license.txt format. To configure the plguin refer to To check the current status of the copyrights and see what needs to be updated: mvn com.mycila:license-maven-plugin:check -f […]

Maven Dependency Version Management

To check the version of a dependency (and subsequently all dependencies), and see if there is a need to update the dependency: 1 – Change to cd my-project2 – Run mvn versions:display-dependency-updates3 – Locate the section in the output:[INFO] The following dependencies in Dependency Management have newer versions:[INFO] com.cloudant:cloudant-client ……………………. 2.4.1 -> 2.16.0 4 – […]