HBase Metadata – How to Scan

I learned this tip from a colleague.  You can easily scan the hbase:meta to find the timestamp an hbase table was created.  Details on the metadata can be found on the O’Reilly website.

sudo su - hbase
/usr/bin/kinit -kt /etc/security/keytabs/<KEYTAB FILE> $(/usr/bin/klist -kt /etc/security/keytabs/hbase.headless.keytab | tail -n 1 | awk '{print $NF}')
cat << EOF | /usr/iop/current/hbase-client/bin/hbase shell
scan 'hbase:meta'

Handy DB2 Tool to test Connectivity

[root@server]# java**************** -cp WEB-INF/lib/db2jcc4-4.19.49.jar -url "jdbc:db2://:50443/database:sslConnection=true;" -user db2user -password ******** -tracing

[jcc][10521][13706]Command : java -url jdbc:db2://:50443/database:sslConnection=true; -user db2user -password ******** -tracing

[jcc][time:2017-07-14-01:48:18.880][Thread:main][tracepoint:10] DataSource created. Table size: 1
 [jcc] dsdriverConfigFile=null
 [jcc] Driver: IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ 4.19.49
 [jcc] Compatible JRE versions: { 1.6, 1.7 }
 [jcc] Target server licensing restrictions: { z/OS: disabled; SQLDS: disabled; iSeries: disabled; DB2 for Unix/Windows: disabled; Cloudscape: enabled; Informix: enabled }
 [jcc] License editions: { O: not found; ZS: not found; IS: not found; AS: not found; EE: not found; PE: not found }
 [jcc] Range checking enabled: true
 [jcc] Bug check level: 0xff
 [jcc] Default fetch size: 64
 [jcc] Default isolation: 2
 [jcc] Collect performance statistics: false
 [jcc] No security manager detected.
 [jcc] Detected local client host: client/ip
 [jcc] Access to package is permitted by security manager.
 [jcc] JDBC 1 system property jdbc.drivers = null
 [jcc] Java Runtime Environment version 1.8.0
 [jcc] Java Runtime Environment vendor = IBM Corporation
 [jcc] Java vendor URL =
 [jcc] Java installation directory = /opt/ibm/ibm-java-sdk-8.0-4.5/jre
 [jcc] Java Virtual Machine specification version = 1.8
 [jcc] Java Virtual Machine specification vendor = Oracle Corporation
 [jcc] Java Virtual Machine specification name = Java Virtual Machine Specification
 [jcc] Java Virtual Machine implementation version = 2.8
 [jcc] Java Virtual Machine implementation vendor = IBM Corporation
 [jcc] Java Virtual Machine implementation name = IBM J9 VM
 [jcc] Java Runtime Environment specification version = 1.8
 [jcc] Java Runtime Environment specification vendor = Oracle Corporation
 [jcc] Java Runtime Environment specification name = Java Platform API Specification
 [jcc] Java class format version number = 52.0
 [jcc] Java class path = WEB-INF/lib/db2jcc4-4.19.49.jar
 [jcc] Java native library path = /opt/ibm/ibm-java-sdk-8.0-4.5/jre/lib/amd64/compressedrefs:/opt/ibm/ibm-java-sdk-8.0-4.5/jre/lib/amd64:/usr/lib64:/usr/lib
 [jcc] Path of extension directory or directories = /opt/ibm/ibm-java-sdk-8.0-4.5/jre/lib/ext
 [jcc] Operating system name = Linux
 [jcc] Operating system architecture = amd64
 [jcc] Operating system version = 3.10.0-327.10.1.el7.x86_64
 [jcc] File separator ("/" on UNIX) = /
 [jcc] Path separator (":" on UNIX) = :
 [jcc] User's account name = root
 [jcc] User's home directory = /root
 [jcc] User's current working directory = /tmp
 [jcc] JCC outputDirectory = /tmp
 [jcc] Using global configuration settings:
 [jcc] maxTransportObjects = 1000
 [jcc] Dumping all system properties: { java.vendor=IBM Corporation,,******,, ...,, sun.jnu.encoding=UTF-8,, file.separator=/, Platform API Specification,, java.class.version=52.0,, java.home=/opt/ibm/ibm-java-sdk-8.0-4.5/jre, 1.8.0 Linux amd64-64 Compressed References 20170419_344392 (JIT enabled, AOT enabled)
 J9VM - R28_20170419_1004_B344392
 JIT - tr.r14.java_20170419_344392
 GC - R28_20170419_1004_B344392_CMPRSS
 J9CL - 20170419_344392, os.version=3.10.0-327.10.1.el7.x86_64, java.awt.fonts=, }
 [jcc] Dumping all file properties: { }
 [jcc] Attempting connection to :50443/database
 [jcc] Using properties: { maxStatements=0, currentPackagePath=null, currentLockTimeout=-2147483647, timerLevelForQueryTimeOut=0, optimizationProfileToFlush=null, timeFormat=1, monitorPort=0, sendCharInputsUTF8=0, LOCKSSFU=null, alternateGroupDatabaseName=null, extendedTableInfo=0, sendDataAsIs=false, stripTrailingZerosForDecimalNumbers=0, diagLevelExceptionCode=0, returnAlias=1, supportsAsynchronousXARollback=2, sessionTimeZone=null, pkList=null, atomicMultiRowInsert=0, traceFileCount=2, DEBUG=null, IFX_UPDDESC=1, traceDirectory=null, maxRowsetSize=32767, driverType=4, extendedDiagnosticLevel=240, accountingInterval=null, monitoredDataSourceName=null, concurrentAccessResolution=0, LKNOTIFY=yes, clientProgramName=null, enableAlternateGroupSeamlessACR=false, connectNode=-1, traceFileSize=1048576, progressiveStreaming=0, profileName=null, DBMAXPROC=null, // }
 [jcc][am] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:18.972][Thread:main][tracepoint:100]Connection start time: 1499996898972
 [jcc][am] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:18.974][Thread:main][tracepoint:101]securityMechanism applied on connection object=3
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:19.016][Thread:main][tracepoint:111]Connection isClosed: true. getApplicableTimeout (false) returning: 0
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:19.016][Thread:main][tracepoint:111]Connection isClosed: true. getApplicableTimeout (true) returning: 0
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:19.016][Thread:main][tracepoint:316]creating a socket to at 50443
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.529][Thread:main][tracepoint:100]OpenSSLAction creating socket with tcipTimeout: 0 and so_timeout: 0
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.538][Thread:main][tracepoint:320]acrossAlternateGroup_=false
 [jcc][t4] 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D 
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.596][Thread:main][tracepoint:101]Request flushed.
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.596][Thread:main][tracepoint:111]Connection isClosed: true. getApplicableTimeout (true) returning: 0
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.596][Thread:main][tracepoint:102]Reply to be filled.

 [jcc][ResultSetMetaData@7f399260] BEGIN TRACE_RESULT_SET_META_DATA
 [jcc][ResultSetMetaData@7f399260] Result set meta data for statement Statement@89b322dd
 [jcc][ResultSetMetaData@7f399260] Number of result set columns: 1
 isDescribed=true[jcc][ResultSetMetaData@7f399260] Column 1: { label=1, name=1, type name=INTEGER, type=4, nullable=0, precision=10, scale=0, schema name=, table name=, writable=false, sqlPrecision=0, sqlScale=0, sqlLength=4, sqlType=496, sqlCcsid=0, sqlArrExtent=0, sqlName=1, sqlLabel=null, sqlUnnamed=1, sqlComment=null, sqludtxType=, sqludtRdb=, sqludtSchema=, sqludtName=, sqlxKeymem=0, sqlxGenerated=0, sqlxParmmode=0, sqlxOptlck=0, sqlxCorname=null, sqlxName=null, sqlxBasename=null, sqlxUpdatable=0, sqlxSchema=null, sqlxRdbnam=DATABASE, internal type=4, is locator parameter=false }
 [jcc][ResultSetMetaData@7f399260]{ sqldHold=1, sqldReturn=0, sqldScroll=0, sqldSensitive=0, sqldFcode=85, sqldKeytype=0, sqldRdbnam=, sqldSchema=null }
 [jcc][ResultSetMetaData@7f399260] END TRACE_RESULT_SET_META_DATA
 [jcc][Time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.685][Thread:main][PreparedStatement@89b322dd]executeQuery () returned
 [jcc][Thread:main][SystemMonitor:stop] core: 24.900053999999997ms | network: 5.893339999999999ms | server: 1.162ms [STMT@-1984748835]
 [jcc][Time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.685][Thread:main][ResultSet@5e36998]close () called
 [jcc][Time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.686][Thread:main][ResultSet@5e36998]closeX (null, called
 [jcc][t4] 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F 0123456789ABCDEF 0123456789ABCDEF
 [jcc][Connection@980bc6a1] DB2 LUWID:
 [jcc][Time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.935][Thread:main][Connection@980bc6a1]commit () returned null
 [jcc][Thread:main][SystemMonitor:stop] core: 2.103266ms | network: 1.58358ms | server: 0.013000000000000001ms
 [jcc][Time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.935][Thread:main][Connection@980bc6a1]close () called
 [jcc][Connection@980bc6a1] DB2 LUWID:
 [jcc][t4] [time:2017-07-14-01:48:20.935][Thread:main][tracepoint:202] closing non-pooled Transport

java****** -cp db2jcc4-4.19.49.jar -url "jdbc:db2://:50443/DATABASE:sslConnection=true;" -user  -password  -tracing