Yummies Australian Candied Ginger

There is a place, a place where the heart goes, and goes fondly – Yummies. I can’t recall the first time I went to Yummies, but I have been enough times to know the store very well.  Yummies contains wall-to-wall candies, tons and probably metric tons of candies.   You can get the same experience through a visit to the Kittery Maine location (one and only).

I did my standard shopping to find my favorites – Pez, Sweedish Fish, Mints and Candied Ginger. Yummies has two flavors of Candied Ginger, I picked the Australian Candied Ginger.

The ginger is firm to the bite, soft to the chew, and has great flavor.  I highly recommend it

Australian GInger Beer
Australian Ginger Beer

Australian Ginger Beer
Australian Ginger Beer


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