Vena’s Fizz House

Saturday found me in Portland, Maine walking around the shops and eating the wonderful food found in the Downtown/Waterfront.  One place was of particular interest Vena’s Fizz House.  A place where the soda junkies can find all the great ingredients to build their Ginger Tinis, Ginger Beers, Ginger Julips or find some inspiration from Vena’s menu.

I picked up some syrup from Liber & Co Fiery Ginger Syrup. I was easily sold on the syrup “For our Fiery Ginger Syrup, we combine fresh yellow ginger juice and pure cane sugar to create a bright and full flavored syrup with a silky texture. This syrup’s high heat lends the perfect burn needed to enhance a wide variety of both classic and novel cocktails”  It’s everything I want it to be, at least description wise.

I poured some seltzer water and a shot of the syrup.  I mixed.  I sipped.  I think it’s quite good.  Time is the only one that can tell if this syrup holds up, so far, so good.

LIber & Co Ginger Syrup
LIber & Co Ginger Syrup

From Liber & Co Fiery Ginger Syrup -
From Liber & Co Fiery Ginger Syrup

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