Tower Ginger Ale

I’ve blogged a couple of times about Roche Brother‘s Soda isle a couple of times.  I seem to magically find my way down the aisle and stop at the shelves with the Root Beer, Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale.

My eyes start the scan from the top to the bottom, and my eyes rest on the Towers section. There is a new entry right next to the Root Beer, and it’s the Ginger Ale.  While I do recommend the Root Beer, today I picked up the Ginger Ale.

Before I poured my Ginger Ale, I looked up the Tower Beverages website. They have a long history of sodas, and I’m encouraged by the website.

The first bottle of ginger ale I pick out of the package is poorly packaged – label screwed up, extra glue on the packaging.  It’s not encouraging – the first sense that is activated is sight and then feel and then taste.  I don’t consider this issue a big deal – it happens with any bottling line.

I pick up a second bottle, and try to open the top.  It’s not a twist top.  I rummage through the kitchen drawers and find the bottle opener.  I pop the top, sit down on the couch and take a sip.

It’s a decent ginger ale.  A little sweet right out of the bottle, and would be nice with a bit of ice in a glass. The Ginger Ale is good, not great.  I can’t wait to find the Ginger Beer in the aisle.

Tower Ginger Ale
Tower Ginger Ale

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