IBM ConnectED 2015 – Day One Questions

Question: Setting up the WidgetContainer for Profiles Administration page
you can follow this link, it goes into setting up a ficticious company called Acme Airlines’s application. you can ignore that part and focus on the nice steps and pictures which show you how to configure and setup an administrator with the profiles Administration page.

you can test all your OpenSocial gadgets using the BootStrap homepage.
an example URL is

You are most likely going to get back a warning saying, Featured Disabled

In just a few steps you can enable it on your system.

On your deployment manager profile, open config/cells//LotusConnections-config/opensocial-config.xml
Edit the File
and look for

make sure enabled is true, allowSSOFeature is true, and allowIntranetProxyAccess is true.
Also set allServers=true

Sync the Nodes so the config goes down to Your AppServer, and then Restart the AppServer.

That should help get you started building and quickly testing the opensocial gadgets.

Also with regards to dynamic heights javascript. We can certainly talk about the limitations in IBM Connections (I think we limit a Gadget to a width of 375px) I don’t think we have any limitations on the height. do the required parameters for dynamic-height should be honored.

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