Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Unfiltered

The weekend of the 10th was a getaway weekend.  I headed to the airport on schedule, my ever predictable schedule that says “early is on time”.   Like every other human, I hate being rushed through security, rush to get on the plane, and rush rush rush. Rushing makes travel unbearable.

I avoided the rush, still managed to find the long line at security, and found I had time to pass before they called the flight.  One thing goes through my mind before a flight, stretch the legs, walk around, grab a drink, grab some gum, and prepare for the sardine can experience.

I listened to my thoughts, and proceeded to walk around Terminal B.  I started my loop around the airport. I had made it to Gate B20 before something caught my eye – Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.  The interesting thing is there is sediment, and the sediment caught my eye – actual ginger chunks.

I purchased a bottle at the Berkshire Farmer’s Market and continued my walk (I had to make it back to my gate to listen to the call for boarding/zones).  I made it back to the gate and sat down.

I opened the bottle, and took a sip of the cold liquid (having shaken it first).  I’d give the Ginger Ale about a 7 out of 10 without ICE.  I think if I had Ice it would have been an 8 to 9.   The sediment was unobtrusive, yet visible.  A great taste with a slight aftertaste that would have been cut by Ice.

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Unfiltered
Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Unfiltered

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