Kutztown Ginger Beer

Yes, Yes, Yes.  That’s what I say to anything ginger. I walk through any store, any open air market, and any location which has the faintest possibility of having ginger, and I think my goodness – Ginger is good.  I however also run into the reality that some ginger products are not good – not good at all.

On a getaway weekend with my other half, we ended up in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. We walked all over the city, and we looked for the amazing eats which we were promised – Pennsylvania Dutch and Cheese Steaks.  This mission/excursion lead us to Reading Open Air Market. (a map is attached below)


I wandered through eateries, shops and found one very interesting item – Kutztown Soda – Ginger Beer. Kutztown Soda is a Pennsylvania Dutch Bottling Company that dates back to 1851.  Kutztown reminds me of Polar Sodas in Massachusetts, a local brand and the local favorite.  It however may not be a national favorite.

I opened the top of the bottle (right from the vendor’s fridge), and I took a sip.  I did not enjoy it – the flavor is off. I think it’s the Sodium Benzonate which gives a slightly bitter taste based on the flavors it’s paired.   The ingredients are not exactly forthcoming with the natural and artificial flavors.

INGREDIENTS: Triple-Filtered Carbonated Water, Pure Cane Sugar, Natural And Artificial Flavor,
 Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Yellow #5 And Red #40.

The net of my experience is I did not like it.  I threw it out, it wasn’t a ginger beer I liked or could really finish.

You can try the Ginger Beer out for yourself.

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