IBM ConnectED 2015 – Day Three Questions

Day 3 in Orlando started early – pre first cup of coffee for some of my team.  I joined <a href=””>Joe Russo</a>, <a href=””>Miguel Estrada</a>, <a href=””>Kirti Gani</a> and <a href=””>Vijay Francis</a> at the IBM Connections Developers ChalkTalk. The ChalkTalk was very well attended for 7:00 AM on the last day of the conference – […]

IBM ConnectED 2015 – Day Two Questions

IBM ConnectEd Day 2 was even busier than the first day. I had deep discussion on SAML, OAuth, DB2, SSL, and I’ve incorporated many of them here. Question 1: I heard about Profiles Administration. How do I use it IBM Connections Cloud? Answer: Before I answer, I think the confusion arises from our documentation which […]

IBM ConnectED 2015 – Day One Questions

Question: Setting up the WidgetContainer for Profiles Administration page you can follow this link, it goes into setting up a ficticious company called Acme Airlines’s application. you can ignore that part and focus on the nice steps and pictures which show you how to configure and setup an administrator with the profiles Administration page. […]

Design Lab 2015

You might have seen Joe’s blog post.  He’s attending IBM ConnectEd 2015, and sharing some key design insights and getting feedback (and sharing insight) on the development experience. I’d recommend you swing by his area, and discuss a few things around App Dev, try the Bluemix experiment, and give feedback on application development.  Joe is […]

MAS202 Customizing IBM Connections

Here is my latest Presentation I uploaded my latest edition of my presentation on Jan 26 I also recommended Terri Warren’s session BP206 to go into auth and directory specifics. It’s on Monday at 1 pm. Questions asked of me were : Question: Setting up the WidgetContainer for Profiles Administration page you can follow this […]

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Unfiltered

The weekend of the 10th was a getaway weekend.  I headed to the airport on schedule, my ever predictable schedule that says “early is on time”.   Like every other human, I hate being rushed through security, rush to get on the plane, and rush rush rush. Rushing makes travel unbearable. I avoided the rush, still […]