Mastering Firebug NetListener

In more recent versions of Firebug, the developers pulled out the integrated Firebug trace function.  If you want the functionality, you should install the FBTrace Extension; it’s almost required if you want to develop a Firebug Extension. The FBTrace Extension is at 

I built an extension following the following tutorials and code:

The extension logged out the details of API requests to specific applications and filtered on those requests so I could debug an issue when loading multiple of them on the same page.

A couple tips for developers using the NetListeners are:

The url and parameters are in file.href
The method is file.method
The headers are an array which can be retrieved from file.requestHeaders property.  Each object is a name – value pair. / header.value.
The requestBody is really file.postText
The responseBody is best returned using netUtils.js context.sourceCache.loadText(file.href, file.method, file)

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