Wasik’s… Cheese… and Ginger?

In life, one finds these small little shops, gems of a time gone by, specialty shops – the butcher, the bakery and the cheese shop.   These gems are awesome, and unfortunately they are few and far between – big supermarkets are fast taking over the real estate, and making it difficult to find.  There are many gems in Wellesley, MassachusettsWasik’s Cheese Shop.

Wasik’s Cheese Shop is a treat, right on RT135. You can find free parking during the holidays, and during the week you can pay the meter for some shopping time. If you plan to sneak in and out of Wasik’s good luck – put at least 30 minutes on the meter. Friday took 30 minutes in the store – long lines and lots of interest.

While the Cheese Shop is interesting, this blog isn’t about Cheese it’s about Ginger.  Wasik’s has great gourmet products from around the World – Cheese, Goose, Cured Meats, Crackers, Chocolates, Candies.  You know I can’t resist a delicacy when it has ginger.

Wasik’s shelves had a unique chocolate from jcoco chocolateson dasher on ginger.  It’s a nice dark chocolate with crisp and cruchy candied ginger in dark chocolate.  It’s not too sweet – ginger or chocolate, and is nice to consume in small chunks of chocolate. I recommend going to Wasik’s  for the experience of a gem, and I recommend the jcoco chocolates.


jcoco - on dasher on ginger
jcoco – on dasher on ginger

Beautiful Wrapped Segments
Beautiful Wrapped Segments

Chocolate Label
Chocolate Label



Mastering Firebug NetListener

In more recent versions of Firebug, the developers pulled out the integrated Firebug trace function.  If you want the functionality, you should install the FBTrace Extension; it’s almost required if you want to develop a Firebug Extension. The FBTrace Extension is at https://getfirebug.com/wiki/index.php/FBTrace 

I built an extension following the following tutorials and code:


The extension logged out the details of API requests to specific applications and filtered on those requests so I could debug an issue when loading multiple of them on the same page.

A couple tips for developers using the NetListeners are:

The url and parameters are in file.href
The method is file.method
The headers are an array which can be retrieved from file.requestHeaders property.  Each object is a name – value pair. header.name / header.value.
The requestBody is really file.postText
The responseBody is best returned using netUtils.js context.sourceCache.loadText(file.href, file.method, file)