Simpson Spring – Ginger Ale

Saturday found me again at the Natick Farmer’s Market. The Market has moved inside and is shockingly well attended even with the venue changed from the common. It’s moved across the way to the Common Street Community Church.

One vendor is particularly good – Simpson Spring Beverages. Simpson Spring is “the oldest independent bottling plant in the United States, providing pure spring water and old-fashioned, hand-mixed soda in a variety of favors, classic and new”.   They vend soda from one of the tables in the market.  I’ve purchased it many times, and today I am breaking out the Ginger Ale.

The soda is delicious. It’s slightly dry, not too sweet, and tastes great.  It’s a 10 out of 10.   The other sodas are worth it.

/Simpson Spring Ginger Ale Simpson Spring Ginger Ale

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