IBM Design Language… a Good Resource…

I’ve continually heard rumors that the IBM Design Language would be posted and made available for everyone.  These rumors have turned out to be true… the design language is posted on the IBM Desing site –

Why do I care, and frankly, why should you care… to quote the IBM Design Language site – “The IBM Design Language is a shared vocabulary for doing great design. Use it to transform human needs into thoughtfully made products. Visual, interaction and user experience vocabularies offer guidance into creating beautiful and useful work. Our front end development vocabulary gives best practices for how to think about performance, prototyping and content. Mix the elements together to design for delightful experiences that help people accomplish their goals. ”  I did highlight the parts that resonate with me, and I hope the resonate with you.

In addition to the written content, there are some resources for download .   If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator , there are viewers/converters out there which you can open the file with.

I know at IBM ConnectEd 2015 there are going to be a session by Joe Russo on IBM Design for Partners.  I’ll update when I have more details.

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