Boylan Ginger Ale… Just one, on ice

According to Wikipedia, Boylan Bottling Company is a soda company based in New Jersey.  Their sodas were first introduced to me in Manhattan, I drank a Boylan Root Beer and Black Cherry.    First thoughts… delicious…. packed with flavor.

Time for take two… Boylan’s has made the way to Massachusetts. I picked up the four pack from my local supermarket (Roche Brothers has a great gourmet soda section).  I purchased the four pack of Ginger Ale, and put them in the Refrigerator.

I pull a bottle out and pop the top.  My second impressions… way too sweet. It needs Ice.   I  wouldn’t really recommend this without ice.  It’s not my favorite, it’s worth a sip and a drink with ice!  Without Ice, I find it too sweet and over powered by the Cane Sugar.

Net is… I won’t rush to buy.  I won’t turn down a Ginger Ale.

Boylan Bottling Company - Ginger Ale
Boylan Bottling Company – Ginger Ale


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