IBM Connections Cloud Application Development Workshop – Q4 2014

Thanks to Paul Godby, a colleague in the Ecosystem Development group in IBM, there is an update to the IBM Collaboration Solutions Ecosystem Development Community. The update is compelling a new set of self-paced workshops are available for IBM Connections Cloud Application Development. Anyone that is a member of IBM Greenhouse can access the materials.  […]

Graph Database – Experience Part 1

For those that know, I am definitely interested, interested in Graph Technology. The interest in representing the semantics of anything with edges,  vertices and annotations of those is incredibly powerful. I navigated to the Neo4j site, and downloaded the Neo4j Community Edition You’ll want to extract to a folder, such as neo4j-community. Open a Terminal […]

Q’s Key Lime Ginger Almonds

For those familiar with Farmers Markets, there are some real hidden gems. Some of these hidden gems include Ginger, yum. Saturday found me at the Natick Farmer’s Market. The Market is well attended by vendors and individuals even in November.   I cannot deny it, the attendance surprised me – farms, soda vendors, local meat providers, […]

Boylan Ginger Ale… Just one, on ice

According to Wikipedia, Boylan Bottling Company is a soda company based in New Jersey.  Their sodas were first introduced to me in Manhattan, I drank a Boylan Root Beer and Black Cherry.    First thoughts… delicious…. packed with flavor. Time for take two… Boylan’s has made the way to Massachusetts. I picked up the four pack […]