Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Gosling’s is a name you might be familiar with it if you have had the Goslings Bermuda Black Rum – They have been around since 1806. They are one of the few rum distillers to also be a vendor for Ginger Beer (or at least one of the few I’ve found).

The Ginger Beer is my backup plan when the stores have no other Ginger Beer.  It’s good, but a little harsh when not on ice.  It tastes a bit of the dried ginger root – concentrate being 10x more punch than the raw Ginger Root.

I give the ginger beer a 7 out of 10.  Good, but not great. It’s also one of the few Ginger Beers that I can find in Plastic Bottles and Aluminum Cans.

Gosling’s is also famous for the Dark and Stormy. http://www.goslingsrum.com/microsites/stormygingerbeer.php

Gosling GInger Beer Can
Gosling GInger Beer Can

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