Almost Homemade Ginger Soda…. and Almost Homemade Sarsaparilla

If you haven’t been…. If you haven’t visited… Portland, Maine is a quick drive from Boston.  I headed up to Maine for the day, and I ended up in the downtown Portland area. After doing the mandatory shop visits – Bakery, LeRoux and Vervacious, I ended up at In’finiti Fermentation & Distillation.   Just one year […]

First Time Through… BSS and API Explorer Tip

My colleague Phil Riand, since moved on to Trilog Group, created a very dynamic API Explorer which can be synchronized with the Documentation.  It’s good stuff, and a nice reference. A customer ran into a problem calling the BSS APIs against the IBM Connections Cloud (IBM SmartCloud for Social Business) C1 Test Environment.  The default […]

Business Support Systems Subscription API and Part Numbers

The Business Support Systems enable an administrator or vendor to create a subscription (or entitlement) for a user.  There is one thing for those that are new… where do I get the part number. Part numbers are the available in the Announcement Letter for the Service or Release.  I went to the Offering Site, and […]

OAuth Tips

For developers that are beginning to investigate oAuth and IBM Connections Cloud, you’ll find two interesting things about the oAuth 1.0a web flows and the oAuth 2.0 web flows. 1- The flows don’t support extra on the flow – for instance the state parameter. state=XYZ123 2- The oAuth 2.0 flow expects callback_uri, not the common […]

Cross-site request forgery and IBM Connections Micro Blog

I was helping a fellow developer with creating entries for a community’s IBM Connections Microblog.  He was using IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Connections 5.0 and higher. In the IBM Connections, there is some advanced support for requests which come from third party domains to protect against Cross-site Request Forgery and Replay Attacks. You can […]

A Few OAuth Notes

While I was working with a fellow developer building an integration for IBM Connections on premises, I found out about a couple of key items with the OAuth Provider. 1 – You can see a JSON Array of the Current User Tokens, when logged in as that user. Navigate to https://sbdev.server:444/oauth2/authzMgmt/connectionsProvider Login to IBM Connections Look […]