Getting Started With Activity Streams and OAuth

Activity Streams is a way to generate a social record of what happened and what’s happening around a person or group of persons (community). The social record is super powerful when combined with business applications that provide updates on behalf of users. IBM paired these activity streams with OpenSocial so that a well formatted context automatically triggers actions with third party backends. On Click, there is a third party embedded application, called an embedded experience.

Examples are – updates that there is a CRM Opportunity that requires your attention.

To get the deep dive… Bill Looby wrote a nice a presentation which outlines the Activity Stream [ Link ] and Paul Godby wrote a nice presentation [ Link ]

In IBM Connections, the key protocol for 3rd party developers to securely access to a user’s data is oAuth 1.0a and oAuth 2.0. The supported oAuth flows are described here.

I explained oAuth for those unfamiliar in more detail in this presentation You should walk away with a good understanding of oAuth and Activity Streams, when combined the powers are immense.

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