IBM Connections Developers Launch


As announced on the IBM website, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is now IBM Connections Cloud.   Users can still take advantage of the “… access to business-grade file sharing, social networking, communities, online meetings, instant messaging, email, and calendar.”

Along with the re-launched website – IBM Connections Cloud, my team has relaunched the IBM Connections Developers   We are focused on making sure Developers have the tools and information to rapidly build applications with our cloud.  Luis Benitez did a great job describing all the changes with the Cloud and the Developer Experience on his blog.

The team came up with this summary, which has since become our tagline, “Think Social. Develop with Web Standards. Deliver outstanding Apps.”  My colleagues and I are going to show you the way to quickly get started, adopt social patterns and develop compelling and repeatable integrations and social applications.

Connect with me here, or the team on the website.  I look forward to it.

Ginger Glazed Pork Chops

Grumble.  Groan. My stomach demands Food.

I temporarily ignore my stomach, and convene with my cookbook.  Pork Chops with an Asian flair looks interesting – ginger.  I have my culinary inspiration.  It also helps that the recipe is simple, and it happens to be right up my alley.  I enter the ingredients I need into my reminder list.

Size/Quantity/Amount Ingredient
2 Thin Cut Pork Chops
Pinches Pepper/Salt
Bulbs/Root Ginger
1 Clove Shallot
2 Tablespoons Sherry
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

I walk into my local grocer, a nice Roche Brother’s around the corner.  I do my mind bending waltz around the store to finish my reminder list.  I fill my basket – 11 items, when only 10 ensures your survival in the express lane.   Given my fortune, I also find the longest non-express line.


Cleanup the Pork.

Pepper and Salt Liberally

Take out a Pan with a Lid (Put on the Stove and leave cold)

Pour in some olive oil

Put the Chops in the Pan and Turn it to Medium High

When it starts to sizzle, put in the julianed ginger and shallot

Brown the Pork Chop and julianed ginger and shallot

Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and cook some more

Pour in the Sherry Wine

Finish cooking and thicken up the “sauce”

Check the Pork is Cooked with a 140 degree reading.

Once ready, serve and enjoy

IBM SmartCloud Connections using Ruby

Recently, I was asked by a partner integrating with IBM SmartCloud for Social Business‘ IBM Connections Files service how to do so in Ruby.   I thought this brief demonstration code would help Ruby developers build a compelling integration.

Note, I have already gone through the OAuth Dance and generated an OAuth Bearer Token. I have expired this particular token so as to make the code safe for republishing.

Finding a File in an RPM via Java

I had to find a file in an RPM using Java. It was a really handy learning experience so I used the open source libraries which support a developer compressing and opening cpio, rpm files. Commons IO has a nice IOUtils feature which I used for ease of use.

Download the files from
Apache Commons IO
Apache Commons Compress
Redline RPM

There are a lot of tips included in the following gist.


Getting Started With Activity Streams and OAuth

Activity Streams is a way to generate a social record of what happened and what’s happening around a person or group of persons (community). The social record is super powerful when combined with business applications that provide updates on behalf of users. IBM paired these activity streams with OpenSocial so that a well formatted context automatically triggers actions with third party backends. On Click, there is a third party embedded application, called an embedded experience.

Examples are – updates that there is a CRM Opportunity that requires your attention.

To get the deep dive… Bill Looby wrote a nice a presentation which outlines the Activity Stream [ Link ] and Paul Godby wrote a nice presentation [ Link ]

In IBM Connections, the key protocol for 3rd party developers to securely access to a user’s data is oAuth 1.0a and oAuth 2.0. The supported oAuth flows are described here.

I explained oAuth for those unfamiliar in more detail in this presentation You should walk away with a good understanding of oAuth and Activity Streams, when combined the powers are immense.


I decided to do it. Yes do it.

It is… Dedicating a Blog to Ginger.  I have such a hard time finding my favorite spice / drink and food when I want.   What’s the best Ginger Beer? What are the cool recipes with Ginger?  What are the best Ginger candies?  What are the most interesting medicinal cures? What are the most interesting places to travel and have ginger?

Ginger (Ginger Root) is a spice found in the South East Asia and African nations.  Per Wikipedia, 1.6 million tons were produced in 2008.  1.6 million tones of the beautiful flowering plant and spice were harvested, transported to market, sold, and consumed.  I plan on consuming as much of that as possible. It’s delicious and spicy.

Stay Tuned for more posts, experiences and updates.
Ginger in China 01