Old Time Radio… Incredible Sites

I am a huge fan of Old Time Radio Mysteries…
The mysteries keep me at the edge of my seat, and sometimes it’s more literal than figurative.  I tend to listen to these in the car, when I am at the edge of my seat. 😉
Here are some links I found, which link to my favorite shows from the past.
The Shadow…. Lamont Cranston is a wealthy playboy that is able to disappear and control mens minds in order to solve mysteries


Dick Tracy, famous detective, who solves every mystery put infront of him.

OTR Library also lists some great programs such as Boston Blackie, Sherlock Holmes, and others,   http://otrrlibrary.org/

My current favorite is the Sam Spade character that is made famous in the Maltese Falcon ( I even listened to the corresponding radio play)


My final tip is that you should look at archive.org to find any of the classics, they are generally posted there.  one, they are out of copyright, and two, there are great fans.

have fun with Old Time Radio (OTR)

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