2 thoughts on “SAML Experiences Part 1”

  1. AdminTask.addSAMLTAISSO(‘-enable true -acsUrl https://pbastidedesk.swg.usma.ibm.com:9444/samlsps/CloudPOC‘).
    In the above command CloudPOC is your actual web application?? Say I have a web application name ABC.
    Now in my idp I will configure the remote SP as https://pbastidedesk.swg.usma.ibm.com:9444/samlsps/ABC‘)
    How it will interact with actual https://pbastidedesk.swg.usma.ibm.com:9444/ABC‘)
    bit confused kindly help me. I am not able to proceed

    1. You’ll be redirected to the Idp and the Idp will redirect back with the authorization Does this help?

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