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  1. Works like a charm! Thank you for this.

    One remark though, release has the first batch of .jar files in a different location. They’re in the file, which is located in sbtsdk/sources/. After unzipping go to /libraries/ to find them.

    1. the latest builds changed the location. thanks for pointing to the right directory

  2. Thank you for your sample, I managed to use the EndPoint to get files from the FileService ( service.getMyFiles();)

    However, I cannot do ‘post’ action ( createFolder, uploadeFile), getting FileServiceException.
    Caused by: Request to url http://*****/files/basic/api/collections/feed returned an error response 302

    Have ever encounter this error ?

    1. Yes, it just means you need to use https. 302 means that your HTTP server is redirecting to HTTPS. A well behaved browser follows the link in the Location header. In this case, your Browser (API) is not following the redirect, and you’ll have to specify https instead of http://

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