Mount Sunapee – Hike May 2012

Wow. A long time has past since I hiked.  I decided I wanted to hike the mountains I have skied at – Sunapee, Gunstock, Wildcat, Attitash, et cetra. First up, and always first in my mind, Sunapee, I went to the Mount Sunapee website, which is so familiar in Winter to find some great details on the Trails. I downloaded and printed the trail map, I looked up and down the map, and decided it was to be a Saturday hike.
On Saturday I listened to my Kindle’s book on Cryptography – yes I use the Text-to-Speech, filled up the car with gas, and drove up to Mount Sunapee State Park.  I was super happy to see I averaged about 24 miles per gallon! Yippee!
I happened to pick the one day when Tough Mudder-like race is going on.  The race uses the lower half of the mountain in a “Double Dare in Nature” race; it was nice to see so many people there raise money for New England Handicapped Sports Association.   I found out later it was called The Mountain Mucker.
During the hike, I walked around the obstacles and participants of the event on my way to the summit, only at the bottom. As I broke away from the main pack on the mountain, I started listening to great speeches in history. I always like to have something filling my mind as I hike along.  I did manage to see Red Squirrels, Turkeys, Robins, and other birds – I wasn’t completely oblivious to my surroundings.
I made it to the top around 11 and decided to take a quick break on the backside of the summit lodge which faces out on the lakes. I decided to hike to Lake Solitude and then on down the Rim Trail.
As you can see, the map shows the trails I hiked – between 5-6 miles.
Mount Sunapee Hiking Trail
I ran across a few people (8 people and a dog) on the way, that is people other than event participants.  I continued back down the mountain, and headed home.
As a hike, I’d say it’s a bit too quick, the views are great, when you get them, and it’s worth hiking once down the Rim Trail, but you’re better off just going to White Ledges and back to the ski trails.  It’s a good tune up hike with some views.
My next hike, who knows, Everest?  not quite, but I’ll look for a nice hike to follow up.
The rest of the photos from the walk are linked below:

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