Wake. Walk. Wonder.

I’ve had a burning desire (not sensation, it’s not a gold bond commercial) to visit Plum Island at Day Break. In July, I said – Yes. I am going to do this, go at daybreak and watch the sun rise in the East.  The alarm rang. I woke. I shut off the alarm I went back to bed.

Yesterday, the desire returned.  I set the alarm clock.  The alarm rang. I woke. I shut off the alarm, and moved to the couch.  I shook myself awake, and grabbed my gear. I walked out and drove to Plum Island.  One should know it is easier to wake for daybreak when it is at 7:23  in the morning! Not 5:23.

I drove through the Iron Box attendant; I paid a little extra with the fee and went about my business.  I drove the steady 25 mph until I reached the Hellcat Swamp.  I walked up to the top of the boardwalk and the dune.  The view was spectacular, as well as the cold and wind.

I spent the next few hours walking around capturing views of the dunes, ocean, Cranes Beach, Sandy Point Reservation, Birds and the amazing flora and fauna.

I ended my photography after more than 400 snaps. I played with the Sun and the Depth of Field. I so enjoyed every minute of the walk(s).



Photos from Walk

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