Riding In the Clouds – Celebrating a 30th

I write. I reflect. I ride. Mother nature rains.

Yes.  I ride.  Well I mean to say we ride – Anto, Abercrombie and I.  The brains behind this master plan are all Anto’s.  She came up with a brilliant idea – do something different, do something great and do something fun – celebrate a birthday in a grand day out. She found this great place called Riding in the Clouds.

I was in from the beginning.  A week ago I was nervous.  Wednesday I learned about the difference between English and Western – thanks Maddog 😉 .  Thursday I called and I spoke to Bobby.  He set me at easy – we match you with your level, your horse and get you squared away.  I’ll be watching you.

With my nervousness abated, I prepared myself – Directions, Dinner and Gift. Time to rock this gastronomic delight that is Chianti.  Abercrombie’s excitement for the ride is clearly palpable over the amazing food.  We celebrate, and then separate – soon to return.

We gathered at 8:30.  A quick stop for breakfast, and we moved forth – destination – The Castle in the Clouds.  The talk made the time pass quickly.  Music, Dreams, Altitude, Horses, Weather, Wilderness – all became topics of conversation.

The two hour plus drive was effortlessly – I know, I passengered 😉

We pull in a few minutes early and quickly meet Bobby.  We then meet Isaac.  I am at ease.  We walk around. We meet Maverick, Pete, Zeus (amazing sized horse), Ruger, Tonka and Jaeger.

We signed the forms. We grabbed helmets. We passed the time walking through the barn, and posing for the camera.

We grabbed our steads.

First, we had a quick lesson from Bobby – Left, Right, Slow, Stop, Accelerate.  I am going to admit here, I pretty much did nothing with Jaeger.  He lead his way, I was just along for the ride.

Isaac adjusted the western saddle, and I was comfortable on top of the freight train that is Jaeger.

Jaeger - Riding in the Clouds

Adjusted, Aligned and ready to go we headed out.

We meandered the way through the property to the edge of a main trail.  The rain decided we were not yet wet enough, and decided it was just about time to downpour.  We plodded on into the trees.  As I listened to the horseshoes hit the trail, I chatted with the woman in front of me Eileen.  We both were enjoying the day.

We headed up, down, around, cross the bridge, overlooked a waterfall, up to the Castle, down through the fields and back to the Barn.  A beautiful and peaceful ride that left me a little damp, and piney fresh.  Being on top of a 6’6″ at the shoulder horse, I swear he looked for the trees with the right sized branches 😉

It was so great!

We got back to the barn.  We chatted with everyone.  There is a genuine love for the job. It makes the enjoyment infectious.

We could have spent all day.  Instead we headed home for another celebration of 30!

Happy birthday Abercrombie!

PS.  I would highly recommend Riding in the Clouds.  It was different, fun and worth the experience.





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