Cut Scene

2011. Incredible.

6000 miles of travel with extremely close friends, two of my three best friends, is a priceless time. The time is just one fact of life that slows as you cross from state-to-state.

Mass to New York.  Time slows. The beauty you recognize around grows.

New York to Pennsylvania. Time slows again.  The landscape changes.  Rolling hills (our mountains) become a fixture of the landscape.  The atmosphere becomes more relaxed.

Pennsylvania to Ohio. Ohio to Indiana. Indiana to Illinois.  Illinois to Iowa. Iowas to Nebraska.  Time slows more and more.  We arrive at our pickups early.  We are relaxed.

Nebraska to South Dakota to North Dakota.  Strange and Wondrous excuses to visit each state arise. We grab a hold. many thanks for the Cohen brothers, otherwise we would not have rushed to visit Fargo.

We had back to South Dakota.  Pause. Wonder. Enjoy the Badlands.  If we had been a part of a wagon train, we would have given up and turned around.  As we were not, we paused, turned and wondered the wagon train’s plight.

If you travel the country, pause and wonder and marvel at these places.

South Dakota to Wyoming to a hole in the wall for Breakfast.  We travel quick.

Wyoming to Montana.  The Covered Wagon Ranch.  I could write for days about the ranch.  The people, Tami and Chris, and much more, know we just absolutely enjoyed it.  We part with Abercrombie.

Our travel tests bonds.  Our travel forms lasting memories and unbelievable access to stories that start with remember when.  I do.  I was there.

Montana to Wyoming to Yellowstone.  Old Faithful and food while the eruption occurs.

Yellowstone to Idaho. Idaho to Utah.  A sunrise, a line for a race, and I sit there in stunned silence.

Utah to Colorado.  A respite at Estes Park, food from the Camper Van Cookbook, I enjoyed the crisp light air.  We rise to 12000 feet.  Our last bit of altitude before we came down to sea level.

Colorado. Kansas. Missouri. Indiana. Kentucky. Fort Knox. Gold repository.  West Virginia.  Conneticut. Reins Deli. Moments of pure fun were/are all around.

As I arrive home, I think to myself: I have no regrets.  I have no doubts.  I want to do the trip again.  I want to spend a night at least in each state.  I want to do so much.

I should shout, but I don’t think time listens.  I write the words I would say to her.

SLOW DOWN.  I want to enjoy this one, and many more.

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