And here we are

Maddog and I are at the Bonneville Salt Flats. We’re 30 cars in queue. Everyone else is waiting to race, we are waiting for sun up.

To get here, we left the ranch, post a massive rainstorm, and after some farewells and safe travels. We all would return for the adventures, the people and the food.

We headed into Yellowstone visiting boiling mud pits, stopping devastated landscapes, geysers and old faithful.


We arrive at old faithful and find a bench seat. We run into a group of moons who let us know the next eruption is at 835 pm. We wait. 840 rolls around. Nothing but rain and thunder. We walk over to the visitor center and find a plaque which says 910 pm +/- 10 minutes.

We decide to seek shelter and grab a meal. We go to the old faithful inn grab food, sit eat, And walk over to wait for the eruption. It was worth the wait.

We head back to the van and begin the drive to Bonneville. Here we are waiting for the sin to rise.

Off to estes park next….




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