Last night, a good and eventful night in the heart of Big Sky, we three musketeers celebraed a wonderful couple of days with our new found friends and erina and Marnie.

We treated, we danced, we drank, and we headed home.

Friday started as a day for the road. Abercrombie and I joined the crew for breakfast. Yummy… As i would put the Covered Wagon Ranch, a deservedly five stars and a zagat rating. This is at least true for anyone that has passed through the doors of the covered wagon.

Full and satisfied Abercrombie and I pack the van. We say goodbyes (even though i’ll be back soon).

As we drive to the airport, i see flashing reds and blues behind me, and pull over. A cop emerges, we roll down the window. Michael, the officer’s name, asks for license, registration, and proof of insurance. He tells me he pulled me over for doing 67 in a 55.

Oh boy…

I share my thoughts on the speed limit, and drive away with a warning. He remains to fill out paperwork.

I drop abercrombie off at the airport. We say good byes and wish each other safe travels across the country. Seven more days…

I drive back to the ranch, and pass the same cop, head back, red and blues on, asleep at the wheel in the same exact place. EXACT place.

I fill the van, grab ice, and arrive back at the ranch to fill the van. Coincident to this time, it was lunch. With the aforementioned reputation, i could not help but stop eat and listen.

Lunch, ready, set go….

We’re heading cross country (again). At least as soon as maddog finishes his shower.


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