The Loop

After our lazy start, we decided Sunday was the perfect time to do Sage Creek Road to the Badlands Loop, and back to Wall ( we needed ice ).

As one drives through the natural wonders blow you away, the beauty of the animals, and the wonder the wagon trains must have seen as they moved westward.

We stopped by the visitor center, only to learn we went into the shop/restraunt; the real place was next door. I pop on over to the store and purchase topographical maps of the park so i can see the wonders.

Returning to the car, i looked up to see people climbing down a rock that i originally thought was 1000s of feet tall. The rock turned out to be 50 feet. The perspective in the park is amazing.

We cruised on through one of the entrances to the park, and stopped at a store outside the first gate on I90, we grabbed gifts and trucked back to Wall.

As we were driving, we could see the miles of storms in the distance. We sped our travel to Wall, grabbed ice and a few other things for the meal.

This meal had high anticipation. No getting caught by buffalo today, i head down a shortcut road to avoid the bison blocking our pass.

We get back to camp and prepare a meal:
Filet mignon

The meal was delicious.

As we leaned back after our meal, we see the stars and walk in wonder. North star, big dipper, orions belt, little dipper and a perfect view of the milky way galaxy.


I’ll send photos to the blog today.

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