Rule A

We head out in the afternoon to Wall. The itinerary was the store, view the vistas, and gas up.

We drove part of the park loop. Stopping every now and then to take a photo.

Abercrombie, first time with a telephoto lense, sets up a shot. Out of focus. Maddog thinks Pablo should give a tutorial. I step on the running boards ready to walk to the passenger side.

Rule A. Make sure you put the van in park. Rule to superceed all other rules.

Thanks maddog! i throw in park and give a quick lesson.

We drive, take photos and enjoy the scenery.

We head off to Wall Drug. We do the touristy thing. Gifts and the like.

Abercrombie grabs a five cent cup of coffee. I grab a vanilla soft serve, and maddog gets a choclate malt.

We fill up with ice and gas.

We come back to the national park. Use our pass to enter.

We head to the campsite and were stopped by the buffalo in the road.

We watched Harold and Kumar and cooked the food.

A priceless day… Photos coming soon…

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