On our way… We’re coming to you Omaha


So we, Maddog and Pablo, are on our way. We left fashionably late at midday.

To start our trip, i pulled the maddog aside and whispered these sweet words:

Rule 1: no talking about the trip
Rule 2: make rumors about 1

One quick knuckle bump, and we agree.

We head to Cumberland Farms, fuel up and start the trip. The odometer read 130121. Our caffenine tolerance fueled as well ( red bull)

I begin driving and we go ipswich to elmira. 6 hours 30 min. Leg 1 down.

We begin calculating the drive… Omaha in 12 hours. 1 fillup

Thus rule 3…

Don’t let maddog do any road trip calculations ( for that matter garmin too)

Maddog just fueled the beast. My turn to nap.

Have a nice day! (thanks A and D)


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