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Plum Island – July 2011

A walk through the Nature Trails and Bird watching places on plum island with Julia

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The Guys Trip – New Hampshire 2011

New Hampshire – July 2011 – a set on Flickr.

Trips, this time it is best referred to as a weekend getaway, often start with the tedium of traffic.  Our trip started with a detour, a snag of the magic ezpass transponder, and our drive towards the White Ledge Campground began.

Rockstar managed the tunes. Draco managed the directions.  I managed to find some nice traffic to drive through.

Traffic, while painful, is not bad when you have old Bessy. Bessy gave us the perfect view of the AC Cobra driving next to the van (in traffic).

The time and the miles passed.  We found the entrance.  For some reason, one cannot easily input the GPS coordinates into the Garmin.  I wished I had copied the information from the Recreation.Gov site or

We entered the Campground and ended up at the Campsite #9. We checked in with the guardian of the site. Now, normally I don’t speak about the Ranger or Guardian of the site, but wow, I recommend reading the reviews on Google.  They are dead accurate.

The Guardian mentioned the following:

  • The Riot Act – What is appropriate and inappropriate noise levels et cetra
  • The Wood Problem – Big Problem with Importing Diseased Wood

After we had setup our tents, he came over to have us place our tents in different ways and areas because they infringed on the natural environment.  I can respect it, but man, it felt we were being checked up on for the Riot Act and the Wood Problem.  Note to others, just don’t bring wood, it’s really dangerous to the health of the Forests.

Once the Guardian left, we setup a fire, food and time flowed by finally reaching Midnight, and time to call it a night.

Night One is in the books.

I wake up at 8, fall back to sleep and finally rise around 9.

We jump into the Van.  We drive:

  1. We drive through Conway
  2. Up through Gorham into Berlin
  3. Back through Gorham and Berlin
  4. The Mount Washington Auto Road
  5. Back down Mount Washington
  6. Through the Kangamangus
  7. To Sabbaday Falls 
  8. Back through Kangamangus into Conway into North Conway
  9. To Pirates Cove Mini Golf for an awesome 36 holes of mini golf
  10. Hannafords for Bacon, Grill Lighter, Tater-Tots and Gatorade
  11. Back to the Campsite

Wow, a full day of driving…

We gathered wood. Matt cooked steak tips. I cooked Tater-Tots on the Camp Fire.

We eat, we play cards, we sit in front of the fire.

What a day! Time to sleep.

Sunday we decamped and headed home.  We drove 360 miles round trip (16 on Mount Washington).

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July 4 2011