Gone and then Back

Oh the madness.

It is Saturday, the AM. It’s time to freakout.

Fold, Push, Punch, Squeeze, Force, Zip… Shoot I catch my best shirt.  Force, unzip, squeeze, rip, tear.  It’s free.  I force fit the rest of the clothes and things into my bag and suitcase.

It nears the 10 o’clock hour, and I rush out the door.  I turn on the car, and look down. I remembered to fill the tank.  I back up. pause. look right. look left.  wait. look right. look left. I back out some more.  I back up in traffic, and head on my way.

I get about two minutes away before I realize I need both forms of identification.  I need my passport – one ticket has a name with middle initial, and the other has none.  I turn around.  The freakout cranks it up a notch.  I rush through the house and find the passport. Thank goodness it’s there.

I head out again.  backup. pause. right. left. pause. right. left. backup.  On my way.  I head towards Logan.  I park and head into the terminal.

WOW. There is a line that should enter the Guiness World Records.  I look at the other line.  There are fewer.  I head over to the line.  A guy shouts “I wouldn’t get in that line.”  I say back I’m OK.  I have plenty of time.  I walk in. I think twice, and head back to the other line.  I quickly check-in, drop my bag and thank the guy for the advice.  The other line has barely moved.

I sweep through security, and the TSA dude let’s me know my license is expiring.  Sweet! Some fortune is turning my way.

Pull belt. Take Glasses. Shoes. Place Laptop.  Take off sweater.  Go through the backscatter scan.  I am thinking when the heck do I refuse it!  It just sneaks up on you, and you are inline. I fail to read the directions six inches infront of me and the nice woman reminds me to raise my hands.  I raise my hands, look forward and smile as the TSA watches me half naked.  It feels too much like Total Recall.

I pass the test.

I sit in the terminal. I put on the seabands and I wait.  Mail. News. Read. Coca-Cola. Gum.  I need to get my candy fix before I arrive in Disney.

The flight boards, and I sit.  I look down at the book I am reading.  Not a Good Day to Die.  Anyone think this is a bad idea to announce on an airplane? I wait for someone to chastise me, and I sit down and read.  I sit back and listen to my Chillout Music – Nova Natura, DJ Tiesto and others as I pass the time.

The plane arrives in West Palm. It’s 85 and Sunny.  My bag arrives quickly, and I meet my colleague. The first words out of my mouth are Hey Dude.  Nice rental.  Can we get this up to 88?  And… This is probably the nicest airport I have been to in a long time.  Clean – Friendly – Quick – Cute, California be damned, there was plastic surgery galore.

We begin driving.  I hear the first warning on the radio.  RAIN. WIND. TORNADOES. I think 88 sounds just about the right speed.  Let’s go back in time and go around this weather. We drive North towards Orlando and arrive after the Everglades, Rain and Bugs.

Success. Success. Success. We check-in and meet. It’s dinner time. We go to House of Blues.  We walk around the area and enjoy the sights and sounds.  me-oh-my-wow….

You are being paged…. erupts from the pager in our hands… we head back and line up for the delectable food.  We learn of our disappointment; another 20 minutes of waiting.  However without disappointment one cannot appreciate victory.

We sit, order and eat.  Music. Hockey. Food.  I highly recommend the Voodoo Shrimp.We head back to the hotel, and prepare for an early day.

40 (maybe more) winks later, we meet up and head down for Sunday breakfast.  I work on my part of the lab and we finish our presentation.  We arrive and begin passing out our images, and preparing for our big opening.  Monday at 4:45.

We finish prepping our lab at 8PM and head over to FedEx 24 Hours.  We print our labs – 240 dollars worth of copy, and head out to Black Angus for dinner.  Yum.  Full. Ready.

We get up in the morning, meet and head to the opening general session.  We review. We prepare and head onward. We enter the room at 3:45 and meet up with Stefan.

As Uber Developers, M and I realize we cannot conceivably have our attendees finish the lab, and give a presentation. I kick off the session with my speedy 1-2 minute overview – it’s normally a 30 minute one.  We launch into the lab. Overall the attendees were pleased with the results.

We head to dinner with one of our attendees, meet with Thomas and the Stefans.  We have steak for the 3rd straight night.  YUMMY!

Tuesday is a day of meetings.  We meet with partners, we meet with each others, we head to dinner with a couple of colleagues.  Raglan Road it is.

I have acquired a taste for whiskey.  I say Taste, not a passion.  I order the high end.  It’ll take me all night to finish.  A colleague sits down and says, I’ll have what he is having.  We eat steak again.  The bill comes.  150 bucks for 4.  Most of the bill was for the 22 dollar shots we had of Bushmills.

We laugh.  We pay and head back.

M and I meet up the next day and prepare to present.  Our manager comes to the lab, takes it, completes it, and gives us the corrections.  GO FIGURE! the three people to finish were direct colleagues.

We head back to the pool and brainstorm for a few hours.  We do lunch, sushi and dinner with S.  S is amazing. He’s been taking an MBA and traveling to another state via plane to take it, and doing very well. I’m inspired by he and R.  both are successful, dedicated to learning, and fantastic colleagues.

Satisfied, I head back to the room. We brainstorm on ideas and patents and call it a night.

Success. Success. Success.

M and I head out and call it a day.  I reach the airport.  I sit down and wait for the delayed flight to head out.

I arrive in Boston and head home.

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