Skiing and Friends

The day began with a rude awakening. I was the victim of a butt dial.

Ring… Ring… Ring….

I glance at the wall and see the time. It is 4:40 in the morning.

In spite of the early hour, nothing can dampen my spirits. I take a quick rest of the eyes and time flies by, jump up 10 minutes ahead of the alarm, throw on my first two layers, and awake my compatriot.

We grab our ski equipment and head down to the car. A simple turn of the key, and the trip is underway faster than mights go up and tights go down.

I reset the odometer, and make the run for the border. I reach the comfortable cruising speed of 70, for which I am lucky, there were a lot of police.

We pass the NH border, stop at a local health food store, ok so it was dunkin donuts, and pass the 2 hrs plus talking sports and poltics.

We get to Attitash around 9, switch into our gear and realize that we need neck earners, and visit the ski shop. With our individually augmented wardrobes we detour tickets Nd hit the slopes.

We take the triple, the quad, the doubles, and we encounter few lines.

A quick eight runs and we take a break at Bear Peak. LUNCH 🙂

We head back out and the cold wind is brutal. We head back to the main lodge and switch out our gear.

We hit another couple runs, and I run into a boot issue, with one run off to fix my boot, I am back skiing with Matt.

We hit a total of eight runs in the afternoon, and head home.

Skiing rocks!

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