For those about to Rock… Or move to Boston

Recently, a friend, Robert mentioned his friend is moving to Boston.  I think he might need his own Animal reference on The Animals Tour.

A few things….

First, Oana, welcome.

Second, there are no Rs.  A horse is a huss.  A car is a cah.  A parkway is a paKway (notice the big K).  Any many other nuances in the English language need not apply; we made our own.

Third, I am actually not 5 ft tall.  I am closer to 99 feet tall.  If I stopped counting at 5 ft, i’d leave half of my chest, and loose my head (more than normal). Paul is Huge

Four, you should, in addition to the Town, watch the Departed, the Getaway, Good Will Hunting, and Gone Baby Gone.  Do not watch X-Men II to learn how to pronounce Hanscom AFB, ask a native.

Following 1 and 2, refer to #1 when in doubt, we’re not all Mass-a-holes.

When you are done with the rules, you should know Massachusetts is not all mass-a-holes.   We are aggressive drivers, but good people.

Massachusetts is really built of five areas:

  1. Boston
  2. North Shore
  3. South Shore
  4. Cape Cod and the Islands
  5. The Rest
Map of MA
Map of MA

As I tell visitors, colleagues and others, the North Shore doesn’t visit Cape Cod, we visit Cape Ann, and never go South of our Mason-Dixon line.  We stop at I90 (occasionally do we pass, and only to avoid the traffic and tolls going into the City).

The neighborhoods of Boston are best seen via the requisite Duck Tour.


The hip neighborhoods are Allston/Brighton, Backbay, North End, Beacon Hill, and Charlestown.

A really great website is

Another great link is

I also recommend

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