The 60’s Had the Beatles, the 2010s have the Clarks

Tuesday… Oh what an unremarkable day. That is I should say unremarkable to start!

Rain on the Window
Rain on the Window - Flickr

It began the night before with a tropical storm that brought a steady, cold rain.  I went to  sleep knowing that the seas were peaking at 10 foot, and I no longer had to go on a whale watch. It was canceled.

Man O Man. Leaves and the Sea (Whales) are the things that define New England and my colleagues and I had one of our favorite people visiting from the UK. His name is Tim. He is a self-confessed Loti and an awesome friend.

Using the wonders of Skype, Facebook and Sametime, I reached out to the crew, and found Tim, GF, BAC and missed RG.  I setup a time to meet Tim at Red’s Sandwich Shop in Salem.
A few directions, a recommendation for parking, and an hour and a half later, I made it into Salem.  I stand in front of Red’s and see walking towards me a crew of Red Sox caps.  I think Yep That Has to Be Tim!

Sure was, I begin waving, meet up with Tim, and we slap out a bro hug. It’s always good to see a friend. I meet Marissa, Maureen and Ed.

Tim is on his own whirl wind tour for his parents 70th birthdays. You can read Tim’s blog at

We wonder around Salem and head towards the Salem Witch Museum.  Tim asks which way we go.  My response is to point in both directions.  Tim whips out his map, and begins orienteering us towards the museum.

Now, I must say Tim’s father has just left the UK’s version of the Scouts after 60 years of leadership.  He must have been proud.

We arrive at the museum, we try to get every conceivable form of a discount… BAM! AAA saves the day.  We sit/walk through the museum and learn of the Salem Witch Trials.  As a side note, I always find it interesting that the Salem Witch Museum mentions Salem, but never mentions the fact that the Witches were not tried in Salem, but Danvers.

We pass through the museum and walk back towards the Hawthorne Hotel, and back down towards Red’s.  It’s now time to try something truly delicious.  I break into a Red’s Steak Bomb Omlette with Rye Toast (sorry Dr Lapine, it’s going to kill my cholesterol).  Tim rips into a Red’s All Meat Omlette. Marissa tries an everything Omlette.  Ed tries the Pork Special, which apparently was soft as turd (after translation I think it means it was absolutely perfect).  Maureen had the seafood casserole.

Lunch was perfectly New England.  The atmosphere, and the meal, the Service.  All definitions of New England.

We leave the diner and walk to the Post Office to get some stamps for Postcards.  We then head down to Pickering Wharf and gaze at the harbor that is Salem.

After a bit of a walk back to the car, I send Tim to the lovely land of Gloucester, Rockport and set him a drive that ends him in Amesbury.

At that time, I get a call from BA.  It’s time to do a group dinner.  GF, BA, RG and I get together with Tim and Family at the Flatbread Company a healthy crew of 9 meet.

Food, Drink and stories abound.

Note, I only got lost twice going and coming from the Flatbread Company.

A rainy day can still be amazing!

Best Travels Tim!

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