The Jewels of Manhattan

One of my dear UK friends, Tim is about to embark on his tour of the Mid-Atlantic and New England. He asked “do if I know anyone who knows NYC and places to eat and must see?.” Of Course, I do!


For the last 12 years, since College and my Dad met Amy, I have traveled to NYC and really experienced a “BIG” city. So I told Tim, I’d write up my top tips, recommendations and things I absolutely love about the 3rd biggest city I have ever been able to see and experience. Shanghai and Beijing were far larger.

The City is an adventure, one you can confidently navigate.

The first stop I like to make is Grand Central. Simply walk in. Walk Through. Look up. Stare. It’s okay, you are a tourist. Enjoy.
There are a bunch of hidden gems in Grand Central. More information is at
The Grand Central Terminal Ceiling

If it’s Lunch or Dinner time, I recommend taking a few moments and going to the Oyster Bar. The Oyster Bar is an experience.
Oyster Bar

Once full up on the main course, skip the rest, and you should head to Dylan’s. Dylan’s Candy Bar is Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s brain child: a candy store for the ages.  As you go in,  you should immediately make an appointment with your dentist.

The deal here is, you must buy something, and get the shopping bag.  The shopping bag is one of the hottest ones to have in NYC.

Dylan's Candy Bar
Dylan's Candy Bar

You can find it at

With no particular order, I walk by the New York City Library, and end up at Bryant Park for a tea. It’s amazing.  You take in the sights, sounds and relax in the crisp fall air.  You’ll notice some cool artisans, shops and fun gifts to buy. Personally, I do NOT recommend resisting; it is so cool.

Once I am done resting the hoofers, I walk up to Rockefeller Center (It’s a bit of a hike).  Rockefeller Center is one of the more amazing locations in the late Fall when they raise the Christmas Tree.  The Center becomes a gathering place for tourists who want to see NBC, 30 Rock, the Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink, and the Christmas Tree.  It’s worth going to walk around the plaza. One of the coolest parts, some of the stuff is very art deco.  I would also recommend visiting the small Dean and Deluca’s Shop.

Once you have had your fill, you should take the pilgrimage to Times Square.  Yes, take a cab, ride through, but I would only recommend stopping to take a photo, and go on your way.  It has far too many people in that area.  (They might have even blocked it off to Traffic).

With about 9 days of sites to visit, and the incredible sites I purposed, don’t leave the ones on Museum Mile out.  The Frick, The Met, slightly off the track the Museum of Modern Art

The Frick contains one of the most beautiful collections of art in the world. If you walk through, I would plan to spend two hours wandering around the museum. I attached one of my favorites.

Frick - Amazing

If the Frick takes 2 hours, the Met is going to take you 2 years to complete.  The Met has an amazing collection of armour, antiques, sculptures and paintings, and is worth every minute you spend in it.  It’s an adventure, I recommend discovering it yourself.

You should know IBMers get into the Met for free (bring your badge).

Ok, so I left the one I have mixed reservations for near dead last.  MOMA.  The Museum of Modern Art is one of the more “Interesting” museums.  I really like modern art, but some of this stuff is really beyond me.  It’s much like experiencing a slasher film, a blender accident and a kindergarten combined with art.

While I feel this way, there are hidden gems on the top floor.  Edward Hopper,  Jackson Pollack and others are the ones that steal the show. *Go for those*  I also have to admit, the restaurant at MOMA is pretty cool.

Also, if you get a chance, the MOMA Store has MUJI.  MUJI is a brand which enhances usability while maintaining a minimalist quality. I use their Chrononotebook for a diary/planner.

Yes, I left out the Guggenheim.  I just recommend looking at what collection is on display, and only going if you are absolutely desiring to look at paintings while leaning.

So between the Museums, the sights et cetra, if you followed my order, you probably chased snakes.  Hopefully one of the snakes found you walking through Central Park.

You must walk through, but be sure to do so in mid afternoon with people.  It’s amazing.  The people exercising, the cool wind blowing, and every person enjoying the cool oasis in the commotion that is NYC. It’s a must do.

My last three favorites are Madison Ave. You must see the shops.  My favorite is Dean and Delucas.  The food is amazing.

Then you must eat at Jackson Hole, or flip for Sarabeths.  Sarabeth’s has some of the best soup you can ever expect in life. I do not like Tomato Soup, but theirs is the best! or

You should also be sure to get a really good bagel. I recommend the ‘rents go for Bagels and Lox. It’ll be some of the best.

I also have heard the Natural History Museum is a must.  You should definitely look that up.

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  1. No suggestions to visit ground zero? That would be one I’d add and Central Park would be another.

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