How to Harness your Inner Foodie in Boston

I simply cannot leave off with recommendations for travel to New England with a recommendation for NYC and not Boston.

I have a few points and places that really make a day beautiful.

You should plan to have dinner at:

Hammersly’s Bistro I’ll just say order the Chicken – Roast Chicken with Garlic, Lemon and Parsley .  It is amazing.

Union Oyster House – Gloria and I recommend it and vouch for the reputation.  *For this place, I recommend parking a little further away, near Government Center or Haymarket, you’ll get it for cheap.  If you park right near by, it’s going to be expensive, but then again it is so much easier to walk back to the car.

The Market is pretty damn cool. It’s highly recommended

Legal Seafood or Flemmings are always hits.  If you go to Legal, go here It’s so cool. If you end up at Flemmings, I recommend making a reservation

Afterwards, I always like a walk in the Boston Common and view of the State House.  Frankly, it’s a great date night thing I’ve done a couple times.

One last thing, park here.  The parking is about half the price of other spots in the neighborhood, and really easy to get to everything

Radisson Boston

Other things to think about the Prudential Building (go up to the top), Duck Tours, Christian Science Monitor, Fenway, The Victory Gardens, Beacon St, and Fanueil Hall.

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