The Last Leg

I know. I know.

I am remiss in publishing the final leg; I am tardy by just a few days.

Tennessee, the length of many football fields, took two drivers to cover the West to the East. We drove through the night, and ended up in Memphis, and with a extra twist, we ended up on the right path – Route 40. I had to “fill up” to give me time to orient myself as to the right road to take; it turned out to be the left which was barricaded by many orange safety cones.

After slipping through the narrow gap of safety cones, I cruised on through to Brownsville, where I filled up the Van again, and handed over piloting to Maddog. Maddog took us through Nashville, which took about four hours.

We hot swapped the “rack”, and I drove us on through to Virginia.

In Virginia, we stopped at Logan’s Roadhouse for Lunch (around 11/12/1). Maddog really branched out and ordered Chicken and Mozarella sticks. I ordered the ever healthy sliders, and fried mushrooms.

Now let me tell you about these mushrooms, my mouth is watering, these mushrooms were lightly battered in cake flour and fried; it was too sweet to be flour. The mushrooms were served with a horseradish sauce that made the mouth and body crave more mushrooms. I highly recommend the experience.

Note, I was also literally starving. I needed food to counteract the Red Bull. We finished lunch, and Maddog took us through Virginia to Route 66.

We stopped and switched it up outside of Route 66. I began the process of “slamming” Red Bull to stay alert and focused. I continued sipping, and suddenly needed an Emergency bathroom break. Coming up quickly on the right, a rest area, I maneuvered the Van into the Rest Area, and we took a break.

Ask yourself this, why in all propriety would Pablo mention a pit stop? He’ll tell you (he likes to use the 3rd person).

It was the cleanest, nicest rest stop I had seen in the 48 states.

My quick recommendation list is:
ID – SKIP, I don’t think we found one
OR – Find another Place
CA – Find another Place
NM – Find Another Place
AK – Horrid
VA – Perfect

Maddog even paused to fill out a customer card, and asked the people call him. He went out of the way to thank the attendant.

Ready to rock, we mapped our approach to DC. We entered on Constitution Ave, and parked near the Washington Monument, and walked over to view the White House. It was beautiful and perfect. I am simply proud to be a citizen of the United States.

With a few snapshots taken, we jumped back into the Van, and rocked out of the City. Using my special forces, airborne tactics, I made sure we had enough space to escape any situation that arose. *There was literally a butt load of Cops en force; it did not make me feel safe.*

Outside the City, we ventured through the Beltway and found 95. On 95, we headed North, and began the 8 hour journey home.

Maddog took over the helm at 11, and I hot racked it. At about that time, we decided we would go to White Castle, and do our Harold and Kumar pilgrimage.

With a plan in our mind, and a route on the map, I slept, and Maddog took Bessy through the highways of Maryland, Delaware, and onto NJ. Around 2:30 I woke to Howell, NJ, mere minutes from nirvana.

We pulled up to the drive thru, and noticed the 8 FT 11 limit on vehicle height. We of course pulled around, and then Maddog got out and did the actual jumping to activate the drive thru. No luck, we pulled in gingerly, and activated the pad. We ordered 6 burgers, and a coke.

I had two burgers made from heaven. We fueled our stomachs, and fueled our van. I went back to sleep.

The machine, aka Maddog, was still driving when I awoke around 3:30 to 4. We were somewhere outside Newark / Trenton. I assumed my navigator role, and got us through NJ into NY-684. On 684, we stopped and switched.

I drove us for the next hour or so, and stopped to take a quick 30 min nap outside of Hartford. I jumped and started driving, and headed us home. In Wakefield, I woke Maddog, and we switched driving responsibilities in Danvers, and headed to Ipswich.

In Ipswich our Journey ended, we said hi to Marnie, and I headed home.

Adventure #1 DONE. Countless to come…. I cannot wait for the next one.

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