How I rock across the Country

When you drive, 10 miles you throw on the tunes and listen to the local radio stations. When you drive 400 miles, you bring a CD. When you drive 8000 miles, you are sure to bring your favorites.

I brought the first three on the trip. Maddog purchased (after only 200 miles) #4, and brought 5,6,7.

For those about to rock on their trip, these are our top 7.

Alice in Chains – Nothing Safe – The Best Of The Box

Since I first heard Rooster in 1998, I have been an Alice in Chains fan. When I picked up the Best of the Box, I did not realize it would help me sleep, drive, and relax on the road trip.

I am a huge fan of the Angry Chair, Again, and Rooster.

I just wish the one DVD I had of Alice in Chains live, would play in the Van’s CD Player. That’s my favorite A-I-C.

Crossfade – Crossfade

I highly recommend track 2. Cold totally rocks.

Pantera – The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboy’s Vulgar Hits

FYI, Pantera is aggressive, loud and obnoxious. But they may have two of the best tracks of all time, Cemetery Gates and Planet Caravan

If you want to drive, and relax listen to those two tracks. If you want to drive and speed, listen to the rest.

The Dukes of Hazzard – Music From The Motion Picture

OK. OK. Maddog scored big. It was the best 5.99 spent on the trip. We must have listened to it over a hundred times.

You can’t go wrong with RAMJAM and Lynard Skynard and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Early Days: Best of Led Zeppelin 1

Enough said? it’s some of the best music.

Latter Days: Best of Led Zeppelin, Vol.2

Enough said again.

The Very Best of the Doors [US Version]

Ditto. Abercrombie’s favorite album!

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