1000 Miles

Lee Van Cleef has nothing on us. Maddog and I trucked through Tucamcari, made a pit stop in Amarillo, and a stop in Fort Sill. Lee never had that much success in the spagetti westerns 😉 joking

From Boulder City Nevada to Arkansas we covered 1200+ miles in 20 or so hours. We took some amazing photos of the landscape, sun, clouds, and action photos of the trip.

We filled up four times, managed excellent gas mileage, and one oil change. Bessy is running like the reigning champ.

Before our last fill up, we stopped at a Sonic for a quick bite to eat. Sorry Erina, we be truckin’ and not eating as well.

When we got back in the vehicle we tuned into the CB to listen to the little Rabbit and Cabbage head talk about the high school football team of Childress Texas. The descriptions where priceless.

The inside linebacker and defensive end can rep 265 39 times ( inject a slow southern drawl to enhance description ). One junior can lift 600 lbs. The followup from cabbage head, S-h-I-t you don’t say, that dare is some N F L potential.

Needless to say we laughed heartily. Thanks Dad.

With a laugh, we headed towards Fort Sill; the place I was born. After 3 hours of driving, I got us to the front gate, and we took a picture by the entrance. Mission Accomplished for me, it was my #1 thing to do, thirty years after that faithful day.

We switched up the driving, and maddog is piloting us through OK and AK.

See you all in Memphis … BBQ awaits our breakfast time.

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  1. Even purists get road tempted., by Sonics, not the end of the road.
    What I want to know if whether Pablo kept Maddog from buying one
    of those cool vee-HICK-ells all parked together ?

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