Truckee and Tonapah

We woke at 7 am In Davis, and said our good byes to Bryan, the birds, tortoises ant the rest of the menagerie.

We headed Northeast towards Carson City. After five minutes, we determined food was an utmost necessity. We used Urbanspoon to find a place to eat in Auburn, California. Luck of the draw we ate at Katrina’s Cafe. Wow, the food was amazing. I ordered chorizo and egg scramble and fueled up the body for the next six hours of driving. We truly enjoyed the meal, a definite recommendation.

After breakfast, we headed on to Lake Tahoe and saw the the town of Truckee. Truckee is a pseudo Aspen, a beautiful town surrounded by outdoor recreation. We drove around town and purchased gifts for relatives and friends. We found amazing glass shop called JoAnne’s which had beautiful vases, dishes et cetra. We also visited the Pour House and sampled some amazing Napa Valley wines.

Filled up with libations, we took a brief stop at the store and made lunch.

Like any good 20 and 30 somethings, we drove on, and stopped at In-and-Out Burger and ate the heavenly burgers. I totally blame Abercrombie for my arteries hardening; it was his suggestion.

After just a few moments we kept on trucking to the Tahoe Ridge Winery and Sampling Room, where Maddog and Abercrombie tasted and purchased a variety of wines to sample on our return.

Maddogand Abercrombie were not the only ones thirsty, Big Bessy needed to get her fill. After 17 gallons, we plugged the coordinates of Tonapah into the GPS and began the trip down to the Salsbury Wash.

After 1 hour of driving, we ended up in California while trying to get to the center of Nevada; the Garmin had died. We tried mouth to Mouth, CPR, and finally deemed it DOA. Man, it’s pissing me off!

We back tracked, and continued the drive. Maddog took the helm, and instituted the democratic voting process, where we determined we would stay at the Ramada Tonapah Station.

At 8 pm, we rolled into Tonapah, I negotiated three rooms for 64 each, and we went our ways.

Yes, I did gamble in the casino, loosing 9.95 and walking away with 5 cents on a 10 dollar “investment”.

For me I signed off, and said goodnight.

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