Kahuna Seca

With a dull night sleep, and time to digest half of the food we had prepared, we began to pack and cook breakfast. I built a fire; note to the Parents, I didn’t play with matches, because maddog had a BBQ lighter. With a swift fire, we threw the potatoes in the skillet and reheated it and the steaks.

With great food, maddog and Abercrombie had mimosas for breakfast and began the process of reorganizing our van, and packing the gear. At about noon, finally packed, we headed out, destination Davis, California.

We headed out of the park on the 101, we took a few pictures on the way, and took the 299 through to Davis. The route is probably the most intense driving I have done. For 200 or so miles, there were so many turns, vistas and climbs that one could not truly appreciate the emery. We ended up stopping and taking a few snapshots and breaks.

I pulled us into a strip mall with a shopping store. The store turned out to be amazing, much like whole foods. I picked up a baguette, chicken, wasabi cream, and provolone. While I made a sandwich, maddog and abercrombie ate Subway. Oh oh what they missed.

Fueled up for the stretch run, I jumped behind the wheel. Maddog looks at the map of the upcoming terrain. Whoooooa go slow use no gas. Maddog saw the 10000 turns, loopbacks, cuts and 6 7 8 percent grades. We gently cruised down, no gas for 90 percent of the travel. 6000 feet to 900 feet took 2 hours. If you have ever seen laguna seca, this was it with 1000 foot drops.

After completing the madness, I turned the wheel over to maddog. Maddog soon fueled us up at 3.29 a gallon, the highest we have ever paid, for the stretch run.

Around, 8 pm, we arrived at Davis to visit Bryan. Here we hung out near the fire pit, held tarantulas, hung with coceteels, tore it up with tortises, safely viewed a milk snake and boa, and countless fish. Wow!

Abercrombie reminds me “and a chinchilla”. Wow those guys are hyperactive.

FYI, dad and Amy, your wedding present is doing fine. I managed to sit in it :). I think Bryan is invested in it.

Tired, exhausted I crashed on one of the couches, maddog another, abercrombie another. We wanted to fuel mentally for a new day.

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  1. Fun pics!!!!!!!

    Hey, I see Abercrombie’s the only one who remembered to pack a razor 😉

    And too bad you guys aren’t having any fun on this trip!!

    RE: the wedding present – I was going to have you hijack it if only there was room in Big Bess, but alas, I don’t think we’ll ever see that chair (it’s sweet, isn’t it?).

    P.S. When you say, “Wow those guys are hyperactive”, do you mean the chinchillas, or my brother and his roommate?! 🙂 ha!

  2. Hey….did you bring some fancy celebrity photographer along?
    Spectacular photo of the Animals on Tour.!!!

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