As we left the beach house at Cape Meares, we decided we would cook dinner. We began our trek to Garibaldi by a most circuitous route to reach a place only five miles away.

One thing you must know about these drives we take, we try to do fun and new things. This time we ran into a cheese factory, essentially it is the Cabot cheddar of the Northwest, Tillamook Cheese Factory.

The cheese factory had a quick self guided tour which was followed by free samplers. I like to refer to it as Stab your cheese cube, and taste deliciousness. Once through the factory, we did the touristy thing and purchased Brie, cheddars and crackers. We like to work on balanced diets.

With one part of the diet pyramid satisfied, we continued our meandering drive to the fish markets on the pier. The first market was closed, which sent some apprehension into the group, and made us think are we in the right place. Did Garmin mislead us? It wouldn’t be the first time ( I blame Garmin when I get lost )

Maddog and I quickly saw flashing lights and ADD set in and we saw mobiles of metal, cool wind chimes and other extravagantly priced items.

With the sticker shock, I continued walking until I found the wholesale fish monger. Quickly, Maddog and Abercrombie followed where we looked at fresh sole, flounder, bass, oysters, tuna bellies, salmon and other delicacies. As Ryan had put the bug into our ear about the awesome tuna we ordered a loin of tuna 2.5 lbs, and decided we would cook dinner and go all out, and purchased local clams.

With the necessary ingredients for the meal purchased we headed to the supermarket to pickup some additional treats, and prepare for the festivities to come.

We turned around and drove back along the cape, visiting the tsunami warning signs, taking pictures of islands, and points in the ocean. We decided to do the scenic overlook, and headed to the light house for pictures, to visit the giant spruce, and meandered back.

With our vehicles and contents safely parked outside the tsunami warning zone, we unpacked the food and stuff for the night.

Maddog, Abercrombie, Ryan and I began preparing for dinner. Ryan setup the charcoal grill and prepared the tuna. Ben soaked the wood chips, and clams. Abercrombie prepared appetizers. I prepared the zucchini, the last from Amy’s garden.

Before dusk set, we headed over to the cliff to see the sunset, and took a couple of group photos.

We cooked and ate the clams, the tuna, the zucchini, and ate a salad. The clams are amazing, the tuna fantastic, and the zucchini fabulous.

After some great discussion between us, we cleaned up, and I headed to bed.

Cheese tour movie
It’s classic!

Tillamook Cheese Factory

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