The Flaggers and the wonders of the 101

Duly warned by Ryan, that the 101 would take forever to drive down, we headed out at 7:30 am.

In the first hour we stopped about 10 times, in the second hour twice, in the third hour we stopped once in Yachats, Oregon. Sometimes hunger causes you to stop, this was that time.

We slowed down in the town to a brisk 5 miles an hour…. First we saw the Expresso shack, second a closed up motel with breakfast o n the menu, and then we see the gem. The Drift In Cafe is a cafe you might drive by and not know it is there, we saw it open and decided the next town 25 miles away might not have food, and we had to go in.

I busted a three point turn in at the head of a one way street, and slipped our Bessy into a spot outside the front door.

Abercrombie, Maddog and I sprinted to the front door, and after a brief wait sat down. We only waited because we felt we had to in such a nice cafe.

We sat down and received our menus; menus that were clearly endorsed by a god. Fresh biscuits, chai, fence toast, bread made on site, and other wonders were prevalent on the menu. I ordered toast, biscuits, eggs over easy and home fries. The meal was the BEST breakfast I have had outside of home. Maddog and Abercrombie agreed, it was simply amazing, and I recommend it.

With a little food left on his plate, maddog complains of stomach pains, feeling full and over satisfied. Abercrombie’s ears perk up and he places the 100 dollar bet on the table. If you finish, I’ll pay you a hundred.

10 minutes later maddog finishes the French toast, and receives his reward: A stomach ache for the ages and a shiny new 100 dollar bill!

Abercrombie, Maddog, his winnings, and I leisurely drove through Oregon, visiting Oceanside where we climbed one of the points, and took a few pictures from the top.

When we got back down the rock, I handed over driving to Maddog, who lead us through to the Redwoods and California.

Now, you may ask, where the heck are the flaggers? who are they?

Aaah. We in mass are missing the boat. Police are the ones to direct traffic, out west the hot girls who are on summer break direct the traffic.

We spent about two hours in traffic, and loved it!

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