Last Supper

With the Oregon coast finished, the 101 dipped into California, and we headed towards Jedidah Smith Redwoods State Park. We rolled up to the Ranger station and asked if the sites were available, and learned there were none.

We were a bit disheartened to learn the park was full up. Seriously who would not want to stay in the Redwoods? I think the Ranger saw then look on our faces, and circled Mill Creek State Park on the Map. Before we asked the next question, she said there were plenty of sites to camp.

Confident we would camp in the Redwoods, we headed South down the 101. We traveled through a small town which reminded me of Salisbury, and headed up into the woods. A few miles down we saw the sign that leads to the Ranger station.

We role up to a line at the Ranger’s station. Are we going to get in? Minutes pass. I begin to become more confident. The person in front moves and we cruise up. We were asked to choose our own site, and roll on through.

On the left a stump the size of a house, the right lush vegetation, and to the front our choices of campsites. Maddog takes us through the figure eights, and we circle sites of interest, the last one we see is perfect. Campsite 124.

We meander/ rush back to the Ranger Station. We don’t want to loose the site. When we arrive there is no line, maddog spins Bessie around on a dime ( the dime is huge ), and we pull up at the ranger station. We ask for the campsite, pay the 35 dollar fee, grab a couple bundles of wood, and head down to the site.

We reach the site and determine we need a celebratory steak to coincide with our visit to the redwoods. We leave Maddog at the camp with a folding chair and a six pack.

Abercrombie and I head off to the Safeway. At the safe way we purchase some nice hard wood, amazing looking rib eyes, Sierra pale ale, tater totes, Graham crackers, and blocks of ice.

Fully stocked with food, we setup the huge tent to cover the eating cooking area, setup each of our tents, and built a fire.

Having been taught at a young age the wonders of cooking on open coals, I had maddog build a nice base with which we could work. We first threw mushrooms in to sauté, added parmesan, and ate a quick appetizer. Next we threw in tater tots, cooked them in the dark until we used the tripod joba light to determine when they were done. At last, and with near perfect coals, we threw on three room temp and marvelous steaks. One two three…. Sizzle… Flip…. Sizzle…. Move… Test… Sizzle… Move… Sizzle… Eat….

With the food cooked and ready, we sat down to a fire and Trading Places. Satisfied, I fell asleep in my chair, woke up and went to bed.

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