Driving by the Seat of our Pants to Cape Meares

With our Big bellys full of food, we headed west to the Pacific Ocean, and Cape Meares. Abercrombie drove us through lush forests, farm land, beaches and cliffs on our way there.

At one stop we did the unthinkable, broke out the RC cars and raced them in the Tillamok State Forrest Center. After a near miss with a car, and each others RC car, we packed up the cars, declared no winner and went on our way (in some magical form of a zigzag).

After finding two 2nd streets, nine Indian named streets, we had to use our Cash Cab given one free lifeline, and Ryan guided us in. ps, thanks Garmin for not putting the road on a map!

The van drove up the steep inclined road, and turned the corner and we arrived at the most beautiful house, with an amazing overlook of the Cape.

Ryan showed us around the Japanese style house, which even contained a meditation room. With the leg of the Tour complete, Ryan suggested a walk on a beach, and lunch. Being the hungry and outwardly growing chaps, we jumped behind the wheel, and drove down to a local town.

At the town, we walked down the beach viewing cliffs of immense height, hearing some amazing science of subduction, the history of Indians in the Northwest, and enjoyed speaking about “shop”. For me it is always fun to speak with others in the same profession who are doing similar yet different things.

With the brisk walk on the beach done, we walked through town to Roseanna’s. We sat down, ordered delectable sandwiches, fried oysters, and dessert. Dessert consisted of Marion Berry crumble. Wow, who knew a DC politician of Ill repute would have his own dessert.

After lunch, we took a short drive back through the tsunami warning zone, and dropped Ryan off at the Beach House. Ryan invited us for the night, and we accepted, frankly with company so good, and vistas so beautiful how could you not accept?

We offered to get dinner, and Ryan pointed us to Garibaldi and the fish market where we could purchase amazingly fresh tuna, food and other things for dinner.

Now turned around we headed back for another trip through awesomeness!

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