Beep. Beep. Beep. Backing up a bit to Portland

It’s Saturday and early in the morning, but I have got to backup a bit.

After revisiting the honk, Abercrombie, Maddog and I headed for Maddog’s family in Portland, OR: Jean and Ryan. We met up with Clare, Irene, Lockland, Michael, Catherine, and Jean. Ryan was working at the beach house for the week.

We sat down imbibed in a few beers, ate a few slices of pizza, and enjoyed some merry conversation about career, life, trips, family and the Lower 48.

I learned Clare was going to Spain for a trip and recommended a spectacular Paella at a monastery outside Valencia, and a few other wonders of the Med.

I also helped Irene with an IT problem.

With the conversation winding down, we prematurely began driving to the beach house in Cape Meares, and quickly turned around due to the late hour. We ended up camping out at The house in Portland.

We headed out in the early morning to the best Greasy Spoon, Fat City Cafe, within driving distance. I have to say the service and food was very good and energized us for the trip to see Ryan.

FYI, Jean, we fly by the seat of our pants, and appreciate the hospitality.

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