Lunch, Brie and a Birthday

Yesterday was a great day, we headed into Seattle on the light rail from Columbia City to Puoneer Square. It is probably one of the nicest light rail system I have seen. 10 or so minutes into the downtown.

Once there we headed to Pikes Place Market. We stopped for roasted nuts, yes I know we had enough nuts on the trip ;). I first chose cinnamon walnuts, the guy was out so I went for cinnamon pecans.

With a bag of pecans, I began walking around to see the throwing fish show, the gourmet foods, sodas, candied rose petals, chocolate pasta, wines, model cars, baseball cards, movie posters and cheese!

We visited Beechers, a famous cheese shop, and purchased four cheeses, a cheddar gruyere combo, a Rosemary anise flavored cheese, a triple cream and a Brie. My favorite part of the experience, when the guy finished cutting the cheese ( a mental laugh-out-loud moment ) he ate the creme left on the knife. This is the kind of place I want to buy cheese from.

We walked around among Pike’s Place, among the heavenly food, and met up with Erina. First we went to a seafood place which was at best a cafeteria, and quickly incentivized each other to find a different nicer place, the Athenian. The Athenian is apparently famous for a scene from Sleepless In Seattle.

We wait 10 mins, and are pointed to a table on the second floor, in an alcove. We sit down, and barely fit our egos around the table. We order drinks, appetizers, and a meal.

We had crab cakes, salmon lox, clams in white wine, crab crepes, tuna melts, and fish and chips.

The service was spectacular, the waiter learned they wee out of clams, and offered us the same dish with mussels. When he brought it over, they had picked up both mussels, and clams. Apparently, they get all their fish and seafood at the market.

At the end of the meal, our waiter was switched out for a new waitress, Rose. Maddog, aka Mister Opportunity, tried again, and got Rose’s email, name, and when she would be in Boston.

Go Maddog!

For Mother’s out there, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

With a nice lunch rounding out our already full figures, we headed to a few hidden jewels, we visited a truffle store, and bakery. Abercrombie sat for a wine tasting, and purchased a nice white wine Pinot Grigo. Erina introduced us to heaven in the form of loaves of bread, a baguette, a Parisian, and one that looks like a stalk of wheat. Ben purchased meringues

We walked Erina to her car, and continued walking to Uptown Expresso and were treated by Margot to iced chai, iced coffee, and a latte. Margot, Thanks!

We headed back to Matt and Erina’s via the light rail. We experienced our first random check/test of tickets, and luckily we passed. Maddog is known to throw a curve or two on a test. šŸ™‚

We got off in Columbia City, Erina picked us up and took us to the butcher, where we purchased priscutto(sp). We arrived back…

And the Party began….

We setup figs and priscutto, cheeses, bread, and popped a cork on Ken’s wine. We met the neighborhood, friends, family, and Wessley. Wessley is the fun little kid that you always hope to see.

Food arrived, we ate hamburgers with gruye, bread and cheese, BBQ wings, cake and more food. With food and drink comes amazing conversation and we had a nice bonfire.

The guests headed off home, and we gathered and shared photos form the trip. I even used the fancy terms of emailing, friending, and used the fancy term of cross links with other friend’s blogs. Now I have to figure out what that means. šŸ™‚

It was all a blast!

We all headed to bed.

Today we arise and celebrated Erina’s birthday with Brie and bread.

We say a temporary good bye, pack and head onwards to Portland.

Matt and Erina you are awesome hosts!

Ps, they got the CB working, and we are listening to two truckers argue about a giant shopping cart go cart.

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