Less than 72 hours

After Rushmore we headed towards crazy horse. Just a few miles from Rushmore we found a lake at 5000 feet. Naturally fed this lake was perfect. We jumped in, chatted with other cross-country tourists, and cooled off before heading to crazy horse.

If you want to find the lake it is at 43 degrees 53.595 minutes North 103 degrees 28.816 minutes West.

We packed up and hit up the tourist trap of the 21st century, crazy horse. I am not going to say much more than call it a huge tourist trap.

Maddog and I cruised from Mount Rushmore to Rapid City. It’s shabby sheik and ended up at the Firehouse for a decent ribeye steak, and a birch beer.

Ben enjoyed it so much he picked up two growlers of beer, and they are on ice to save for future celebrations and libations.

With dinner done, we fixed up the van with a hot rack. A bed which is long enough for one person to sleep and the other to drive.

ready to go We drove through the rest of south Dakota, all of Wyoming, we passed over the Continental Divide at 5am, and I finished driving in Superior, Montana.

Superior is the kind of town which First Blood was filmed. Wow, I had to take a photo, it was cloudy, chilly, and quaint. We decided we had to eat, and found Jackie’s which was a hole in the wall diner. It was great, I had BGE – biscuits gravy and eggs.

Maddog drove from Superior down perhaps the longest steepest grade I have seen, wow it was cool. We ended up here Idaho, Couere d’Alene.

We visited the visitor center, and I managed to get us into the casino hotel resort for two rooms at 119 a night. It’s normally 159 a room.

We chose a room as it looks like a localized tornado struck a 8x4x6 space…. I think, following current naming conventions, they called this a maddog-Pablo phenomenon.

More adventures to come after a nap!!!

PS I almost didn’t read the sign that said 6 ft clearance to the rushmore parking garage!

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  1. I want to hear the good stories. Ya know, fighting off serial killers, grizzly bears, getting drunk and arrested stories. 😉

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